Reserve Your spot


This is for returning customers only,  if you want to get on the waiting list please click here

I would like to thank every one of you for a great storage season and it was really nice to meet most all of you. We are taking this opportunity to discuss a rather important change coming this season (2023-2024), reserving your space.

The Fairgrounds relies on this storage revenue each year for their budget for the year, to be able to host events and the Oswego County Fair. To be able to keep the storage price at a great value we need to have every building full. The 2022 season I have seen that relying on the honor system has cost the fair a bunch of time, money and leaving empty spots at the end. When people fail to notify us until the last day or we chase people down to verify they are coming, often to get no answer. This leaves empty spaces that we could be offering to someone on the waiting list or a space that could be filled by a current customer.

We are looking to make sure all spaces are full and give you a guaranteed spot in the upcoming season at the same time. The only clear way to do that is to have each spot reserved, knowing that you are coming allows us to fill each spot accordingly. This season (2023-2024) we are Requiring all tenants to reserve your spot by July 14th. Reserves can be done today by simply filling out the bottom and also available to fill out online @

**All reserves MUST be completed by 7/14/23 to guarantee your spot in the upcoming season, On July 15th we will offer any open/non-reserved space to people on the waiting list and some folks have been waiting a while to come in. We understand that things change in life and maybe this season after saying you would be staying with us you decide to part with the vehicle we store for you. We simply ask by going on our website and sending us an email, text or call me (315) 366-8192 to let us know that you will not be staying with us the upcoming season. All contact information is on