Current Tenants

The price per foot has increased to $16 per foot, cars have a minimum fee of $200

The season is changing...

Sadly, it is that time of year again where we have to put away our summer toys and prepare for the winter months ahead. Please read through the changes coming this season below which should make it a little easier putting it away and get it back out in the spring.

CHANGES coming this season -
Please read

We are requiring that you choose your pickup date of your stored item

This will help make sure we put your item away so it is easily accessible for when you want it. It gets time consuming trying to move around multiple units to get yours out if you just show up without us knowing when you wanted it. This past season I had a gentleman mad at me because his boat wasn't outside waiting for him, I had no idea when he was coming and they never answered when calling to find out what date he was coming. I don't have the time to chase down every tenant and this season (and going forward) we are enforcing you letting us know the date you are planning. 

I do understand that things happen/come up that might impede you from coming that scheduled date and I am more than willing to work with you to accommodate another date. But showing up and saying your here without advance knowledge left a lot of people sitting and waiting for their boat/camper/car and you are put to the rear of the line over the ones that are scheduled. 

ALSO NOTE PICKUP TIMES HAVE MOVED 3 HOURS, so instead of 8am it is now 11am-3pm! Why the change? Well simply this, it is very difficult to be moving a camper out of a building and cars driving past the doors you are coming out of, or people picking up and now that vehicle is in the way of parking the next item. Numerous times tenant vehicles were parked in the roads we use to move your items. Plus people would be sitting and waiting, a few people waiting over 2 hours since I didn't know they were coming and their item was buried at the back. This forces me to move other peoples items more than they should be while stored and slows down the entire day for you and me. This also keeps it safer for us and the vehicles we are moving in and out.