2023-2024 Season
Pickup dates
11am-3pm ONLY

4/13/2024 11am-3pm
4/27/2024 11am-3pm
5/4/2024 11am-3pm 

CHANGES this season -
Please read

We are requiring that you choose your pickup date of your stored item

NOTE PICKUP TIMES HAVE MOVED 3 HOURS, so instead of 8am it is now 11am-3pm! Why the change? Well simply this, it is very difficult to be moving a camper out of a building and cars driving past the doors you are coming out of, or people picking up and now that vehicle is in the way of parking the next item. Numerous times tenant vehicles were parked in the roads we use to move your items. Plus people would be sitting and waiting, a few people waiting over 2 hours since I didn't know they were coming and their item was buried at the back. This forces me to move other peoples items more than they should be while stored and slows down the entire day for you and me. This also keeps it safer for us and the vehicles we are moving in and out. 

2024-2025 Season
Drop off dates
9am-1pm ONLY

10/12/2024 9am-1pm
10/19/2024 9am-1pm
11/9/2024 9am-1pm 

2024-2025 Season
Pickup dates
11am-3pm TOWABLES
9am-11am Motorhomes

4/5/2025 11am-3pm TOWABLES
4/19/2025 11am-3pm TOWABLES
5/3/2025 11am-3pm TOWABLES

CHECK IN at the office this year

Going forward, we will be in the actual office to handle signing you in and processing paperwork. This is also where the credit card machine is and we now accept credit cards at an extra 3% processing fee